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In the years I’ve known Tanya, she has impressed me with her dedication to working class and marginalized Vermonters. At this very difficult moment for working families in Vermont, she has been a tireless advocate for justice. I have no doubt that she will be a strong and dedicated representative for every Vermonter who has looked to the statehouse and wondered if anyone there cared.

Senator Bernie Sanders

I am proud to have the opportunity to endorse Tanya. Working together through the years, I have witnessed her integrity and passion for the issues. I have no doubt that she will be the rare legislator who can keep one foot firmly outside of the system while working within it to bring the needs and experiences of Essex residents to the statehouse.

Lt. Governor David Zuckerman

We are pleased to join Bernie Sanders in endorsing Tanya Vyhovsky. Her experience as a grassroots organizer and a small business owner is close to our hearts. We know that she will go to Montpelier, and speak up for high quality education, and health care for all, getting corporate money out of politics, and investment in clean energy.

Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield, Ben & Jerry’s Co-founders 

I’m happy to endorse Tanya Vyhovsky. Her ability to dig into complex issues, understand how possible resolutions will affect all aspects of a community, and move forward with necessary reforms will make her an excellent representative for the people of Essex.

Congressman Peter Welch

Tanya is a passionate fighter, advocate, and organizer who will bring needed change to our state. We can no longer believe in the promise of a moderate agenda to transform generational harms to Vermonters who have been kept from seats of power through our broken policies and oppressive systems. Tanya is clear about the bold changes Vermonters are demanding and will work to make a just vision, Vermont’s most promising vision yet. I am proud to offer my endorsement.

Kiah Morris, Movement Politics Director. Right and Democracy

I support Tanya without hesitation. As someone who has served in the house and now in the senate, I know first hand that we need younger voices in Montpelier and Tanya would be great. The pandemic has laid bare the crisis many Vermonters were already experiencing, and with her deep understanding of economic issues and her ability to stand up and ask tough questions, we will all be better off with her working hard in the statehouse.

Senator Christopher Pearson

I not only endorse Tanya but also really look forward to working with her at the statehouse. As we have fought together for universal healthcare and stood side by side in protests from DC to Burlington, I’ve come to appreciate Tanya’s dedication, strength. I knew when I first met Tanya that she had a relentless desire to make sure that no one in our state is left behind.

State Representative Mari Cordes

I wholeheartedly endorse Tanya to be my state representative.With both Essex Mutual Aid and Rights & Democracy, I have had ample opportunity to see Tanya in action advocating for her community. She is the kind of leader who leads by lifting up the voices of working families and those most impacted by the crises we face. She’s the kind of candidate worth getting excited and rolling up your sleeves to make sure she wins.

James Haslam, Essex

“Good Morning!” is what I said for 10 years, as a youth ice hockey coach here in Essex. I sadly chose to retire due to suffering from chronic pain and mental health issues complicated by my head injury. I now fight for better brain injury care for patients locally and at our state level. This is one of the reasons why I am backing Tanya Vyhovsky as my VT Representative. From her own personal experiences, her involvement in Rights & Democracy, and her social work advocating for others, Tanya has gained a tremendous sense for what is Fair and Just for all Vermonters– and for those of us who are struggling. We know there is a better way for the government to serve the People as it was intended to do. Please join us in our fight and Vote for Tanya Vyhovsky!

Cheryl Van Epps, Essex

I’m proud to support and vote for Tanya Vyhovsky. I met Tanya after being drawn to volunteer for her 2018 campaign. Her energy was instantly contagious. While a close loss, it didn’t ever stop her from working to create positive change for Vermonters. The world looks different these short years later. With the world swirling, I am even more convinced that Vermont will greatly benefit from her intelligence, drive, commitment & fierce determination. She’s a small business owner who grew up in Essex. She sees via her Essex-based therapy practice, a wide range of issues that she knows the right policy would help alleviate. She stays engaged, informed, and active in a wide range of issues, from healthcare to education to housing to environment. There are so many challenges facing us in 2020. We need strong voices to represent all, especially the Vermonters that can’t often speak for themselves. She will listen, speak up, and fight to make our community of Essex and Vermont even better for all of us.

Gina Halpin Barrett, Essex

I am honored to have the opportunity to endorse Tanya. I remember when I first heard her speak at a protest on Church Street in 2018, and I was instantly impressed. Over the next few years, I got the chance to hear her speak about so many of the issues that she is passionate about and I saw her work to effect change in those areas. It is so clear to me that Tanya cares immensely about our community and the issues that affect marginalized groups, especially gender equity, economic reform, and racial justice.  As a student, I have always felt that Tanya is interested in hearing and representing my voice, and she has been a great role model for aspiring young politicians. I am so proud to know Tanya, and I believe that she will make an incredible impact during her time as State Representative.

Tilly Krishna, Essex Student, Activist

When I ran for office, my platform was representation for everyone. During that campaign, I met Tanya Vyhovsky, who will carry forward the torch of representation for Essex and for Vermont. Please join me in voting for Tanya Vyhovsky!

Joshua Knox, 2018 Senate Candidate, Essex Resident

I have watched Tanya be an active member of this community for a long time and she has always fought to bring progressive values to the forefront. She understands how to make room at the table for all voices especially the most marginalized. Because of this I am proud to endorse Tanya Vyhovsky to represent chittenden 8-1

Representative Robin Chesnut-Tangerman, Progressive Caucus Chair, Rutland-Bennington 

With our democracy at a crossroads, I’m glad to have the opportunity to support Tanya Vyhovsky for State Rep. I trust that she will fight for an equitable Vermont that works for its people at every level. She understands the need for grassroots organizing, responsive governance, and decision making that elevates the experiences of those with the least access

Senate Majority Leader, Becca Balint

As a fellow social worker, Tanya listens to many different perspectives. We work together to advocate for the needs of others, especially the most vulnerable. As a state representative, she would bring a strong, fresh voice to the table while striving to include all people in the decisions that affect their lives.

Representative Brian Cina

Tenacious, compassionate, and resourceful. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think of Tanya’s leadership. It has been inspiring to watch the way she daily shows up for her community with solutions and action. I know that in the statehouse Tanya will be an unstoppable force for the protection of people and planet. Because of this and many other reasons, Tanya Vyhovsky has my full support and endorsement. 

Victoria Moon, Community Activist, Essex

Every day we see the negative effects of climate change grow, and Vermont isn’t immune. We need people like Tanya in the legislature to push for reform that will turn us around before it’s too late and create a path to the future based on green energy, responsible and equitable land use, and holding corporations accountable for their part in this global catastrophe.

Bill McKibben, Author, Founder of 350.org 

Irene Wrenner, Former Selectboard Member, Essex Resident
Lorraine Zaloom, Essex Resident
Liz Subin, Essex Resident
Dawn Hill-Fleury, Essex Resident
Representative Selene Colburne, Chittenden 6-4
Emilie Krasnow, Former Chair of Chittenden County Progressives
Emma Mulvaney-Stanak, Former Progressive Party State Chair
Shannon Jackson, Former Our Revolution Director, Bernie Sanders New Hampshire State Director, Essex High School Graduate